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We are working with Present Simple Tense, so here I give you some exercises for you to practise. Estamos trabajando con el Presente Simple, aqui les dejo algunos ejercicios para que practiquen. Kisses

Complete the sentences like in the example. Negative

Example: Jane ___________ a book.
 (not/to read)

Answer: Jane
 doesn't read a book.

1) Tom  stamps. (not/to collect)
2) You  songs in the bathroom. (not/to sing)
3) Julie  in the garden. (not/to work)
4) I  at home. (not/to sit)
5) Tina and Kate  the windows. (not/to open)
6) Adam  French. (not/to speak)
7) His sister  lemonade. (not/to like)
8) We  to music. (not/to listen)
9) My father  the car every Saturday. (not/to clean)
10) Johnny and Danny  in the lake. (not/to swim)

Put the correct forms of the verbs into the gaps. Use the Simple Present . Affirmative

Example: I _____ in the lake.
 ( swim)

Answer: I
 swim in the lake.

1) We  our dog. (call)
2) Emma  in the lessons. (dream)
3) They  at birds. (look)
4) John  home from school. (come)
5) I  my friends. (meet)
6) He  the laptop. (repair)
7) Walter and Frank  hello. (say)
8) The cat  under the tree. (sit)
9) You  water. (drink)
10) She  the lunchbox. (forget)

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